My Great KL City Tour Experience

There are a number of places on my list of vacation desires. There are so many different places in the world to visit, it’s hard to narrow them down. The last time I managed to get some time off work, however, I chose to head to Kuala Lumpur. The main reason was because I thought it would be an interesting place to visit, and I was right. The moment I got off the plane, I could tell that the city was something else. I’ve spent time in big cities such as New York City and Los Angeles, but Kuala Lumpur had such an eclectic mix of cultures that there was no comparison.

To that end, I decided to go on a Kuala Lumpur city tour from MyTravelLane. I know a lot of people eschew the idea of city tours, claiming that they only cater to rich tourists. While it’s true that some city tours are like that, I found that the Kuala Lumpur city tour was a fantastic way to experience the city. There are a lot of city tours that will only take you to the clean, sterile areas that won’t offend your sensitive American sensibilities, but my KL city tour was nothing like that. The tour took us to a number of back areas and local places that really managed to showcase the local customs and habits.

Not only did it give me a better idea of the city, but our KL city tour guide was a joy. You could tell she really and truly loved her home city. She wasn’t there just to earn a paycheck by reading a script to fat American tourists. She was in love with her home town, and was truly enjoying being able to talk all about it. To that end, I got to learn so much about Kuala Lumpur’s history and culture from an actual native. It was better than trying to read any kind of tourist booklet or history book. She didn’t just talk about the major buildings and places that paid a lot of money. She talked about the smaller locations, the local restaurants and places that the locals enjoyed frequenting.

KL_TwinTowers_100916462Thanks to that, my KL city tour gave me a much better idea of how to explore the city on my own. Instead of worrying that I might be going to a more “Americanized” restaurant, I knew I’d be able to find some local eateries that made food dishes that the locals would love. Some of them were run by people out of their own homes, bringing a real honesty to the idea of home-made cooking. It also gave me a chance to find the businesses that would sell locally made crafts, as opposed to crafts imported and sold as “locally made”. It allowed me to support actual local artisans, and not just the companies rich enough to keep stocked for the tourists.


Ultimately, I’d have to say that my KL city tour was probably the best part of my entire vacation. It let me see the city in a way I couldn’t have seen it otherwise, and allowed me to learn things about the city’s history and culture that I couldn’t have found out on my own. It was a great experience.

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